Candace Wallis was born and raised in the sunny state of Florida. With her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of South Florida, her knowledge and energy benefit Coastal Center in many ways. Candace has experience in working with issues of at-risk children and youth, child welfare, geriatrics, care management, trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, grief, and navigating life transitions.
Tired of the Florida heat, Candace and her husband Michael finally decided to trek across the country to the beautiful Oregon coast. They decided to nest out west in search of the great outdoors, the majestic explorations, and to escape the Florida humidity. Candace’s hobbies include self-care/wellness, consciousness and expanded states of self-awareness, time in nature, daily exercise, herb gardening, traveling, and loving her two well-behaved dogs. Candace provides a safe, compassionate, and collaborative space to help individuals explore their past, celebrate their strengths, and create a purposeful future. Candace is hopeful to help others become more conscious by deepening their love and trust in themselves, the process, and reclaiming their true self.